Guest Post: Life After Surgery for Diastasis Recti Abdomini

One of our patients has undergone surgery to repair her diastasis recti abdominis. Keep checking in as we follow her physical and emotional journey through the recovery from surgery.

Tuesday March 6  – The Day Before Surgery

“There is no turning back now. Surgery is booked and paid for. My helpers are in place. And yet of course I am having second thoughts.

Do I really need to do it?  I’ve put up with it for 4 years. Why not the rest of my life? Is it fair to my kids? The surgeon says 6 weeks until resuming all normal activities. The surgery is expensive. OHIP does not cover it. We are hoping my husband’s insurance will cover part or all of the surgery but there is no guarantee. The surgery is reconstructive, (hernia repair, placation of the fascia, neoumbilicoplasty), but it is being performed by a plastic surgeon and is better know as a tummy tuck.

There is such a stigma around plastic surgeons and tummy tucks. I felt so weird researching the whole thing. I am a slim, athletic almost 40 year old mother of two. I was an Ironman prior to having children. I run or cycle or do something active every single day. Why the heck am I looking into plastic surgery?

I really need it. It has been almost 4 years since the birth of my second child. The diastasis recti is not closing despite my best efforts with exercise and physiotherapy guidance from Julia. My core strength is lacking. My lower back hurts when I swim. There is mild incontinence. I am tired of having a first trimester belly and a belly button that protrudes further than my breasts.”


3 responses to “Guest Post: Life After Surgery for Diastasis Recti Abdomini

  1. Hi julia, I’d love to know how you are getting along after the surgery? I am due to have the repair at the end of the year. I am also feeling like you, “do I need it?”. How will life be sewn together with nylon and how easy can you return to normal excercise. Were you in pain for long? I hope all went well Kind regards Jacqui

  2. Hi
    I am wondering how the diastasis repair has helped with your back pain and athletics? I am four years post babies and have very bad back and pelvic pain due to a large diastasis. I am considering the repair surgery too as nothing has helped. I too am a hardcore athlete and I can barely go for a light hike without pain.
    Also do you mind telling me how expensive it was?

  3. marlene paemoller

    I am in the situation you were in. Should I have the surgery or not? Your journey sounds horribly difficult. How are you today? Was it worth it? Please email me and let me know at Thanks.
    (VERY athletic 39 year old mother of 2 girls (6 and 3 years old)

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