Guest Post: Day 4 Post Op

Today was my last day of help from my Gramma. I really should have booked her train ticket with a later return date. Gramma is almost 85 years old but she kept the household running for the past 5 days. She assembled the meals I had cooked ahead of time, helped get my older son out the door to school and amused my younger daughter. She did dishes, sweeping, laundry and stocked the fridge with 2 homemade meals for the coming week.

My husband came home early from work each night to bathe, brush, read and snuggle the kids at bedtime. He also drove the kids to school in the morning, picked up groceries and cooked dinner on the weekend. Mom-friends of mine picked up the kids from school and dropped them off. If you are planning on surgery, have your support network ready!

The weather is warm and sunny today. I can’t stand being inside all day. My husband set out a lawn chair for me, but it was not comfortable. A few minutes of fresh air did lift my spirits.

I just took some Tylenol at bedtime tonight. The OxyIR really takes the edge off and relaxes me to sleep but I worry about the addictive nature of the stuff.

One response to “Guest Post: Day 4 Post Op

  1. Im excited to read more!! Im considering the surgery!

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