Guest Post – Day 5 Post Op

Yipee! Both drains removed! The nurse said that 30 cc per day is the deciding point. I was only over that amount the first day post-op. The sensation was really strange when she pulled them out. Not painful, just icky.

BUT, when the nurse unwrapped the binder and peeled back the bandage on my navel, she exclaimed, ‘Oh, that belly button is too shallow, he’ll have to cut it deeper’.

What, more cutting?! I guess he’ll take a look at my one month appointment and then book another appointment to do it later in the office with some local freezing. That will delay the time to getting back in the pool for family swims.

She also commented how big the binder was for me and suggested getting a Spanx-type garment. She showed me a better option in a medical catalogue. I looked briefly online and called a few stores. Those things are pricey and don’t come in my size. Perhaps the doctor’s office will cover the cost of the one she showed me. The appropriate post-surgical garment was included in the price…

My hubby drove me to my appointment. I had originally thought I would take the subway – silly me. The walk from the parking garage to the office almost did me in. Who knew that walking used so many stomach muscles?!

My shower this evening was a definite highlight of the day, but exhausting. Funny enough, it felt really good to get the darn binder back on for support after the shower. Clean hair, skin and sheets and the nurse said I can sleep on my side. Ahhh. Just some Tylenol to help with sleeping tonight…and stool softener.

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