Guest Post – Day 6 Post Op

Stool softener worked. Thank goodness. I feel the urge every day, but only am successful every other day. That is, after taking the senokot every other night. The nurse said it is safe to take as long as needed. With more food and more activity things should return to normal. Sadly, pooping is main post-op problem.

Two neighbourhood girls babysat my kids for my appointment yesterday and they came back today. They played with my kids for 2 hours. Money well spent. I lay down and my kids got to run around and have fun.

The rest of the day was not as great. “Mom can you play soccer? Can we go for a bike ride? How about football?” Unfortunately, the answer was “No”. I can’t stand in my hunched over position for more than 10 minutes before the back pain makes me recline on the sofa. The weather is so beautiful. I knew I should have had the surgery in November.

No meds of any sort at bedtime, not even Tylenol. Smart or stupid?


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