Guest Post – One week Post Op

I woke with a very sore spot on the top of my right foot. It appears to be a bit of swelling in a vein. The bedcovers were hurting it. I immediately think blood clot.  Can you see a blood clot? I checked the post-op literature and it says to call if my legs suddenly swell or hurt.

Hubby said to call the doctor’s office as he left for an out of town ill-timed 2 day business trip. Just me and the kids and March break. A play-date I had arranged pre-surgery turned out to be just the thing to fill the morning. I drove the kids over to the little girl’s house. They played eagerly with her extensive toy collection and I assumed a supported and reclined position on the sofa. The nanny even brought me tea – how sweet.

The spot on the foot appeared to dissipate by mid-day. Hopefully it isn’t on its way to my heart.

An email from Julia, my physio who worked with me on closing my diastasis recti, advised no running for 12 weeks. Yikes!! I had 6 weeks marked on the calendar going into the surgery based on the surgeon’s guidelines. Julia argues that I should build up my pelvic floor and core before pounding the pavement. It is a good plan, but makes me think I am going to go crazy over the next 3 months without my daily endorphin fix. I wonder about cycling? That would be ok, right? Please say, yes!

Another physio I have connected with who had the surgery 4 months ago says I am crazy to not be taking pain meds and should take some Advil for the back pain. I know she’s right, but meds mess up the bowel movements more.

My kids’ speech therapist came by later this afternoon. “Are you ok? You look like you are in pain”. Hmmm, that says it all about how great I am NOT looking.

Today was better, I could stand longer before the need to recline on the sofa hit and I even walked to the end of the street with my son. (The doctor’s literature says start walking at 2 weeks). The stoop and shuffle I did today was not walking.

I fed my kids their first frozen dinners and skipped their baths. Makes them stronger, right? This was the first bedtime I did since surgery. My dear daughter who will be 4 years old in 3 weeks politely asked if I could give her milk. Argh, I thought this might force the weaning. I maneuvered myself into position and she nursed herself to sleep. Maneuvering out of the bed without waking her was trickier. I did it and don’t think I ripped anything apart.

My legs have been really jumpy all day. The way they would feel after a really big training day. Why now? Is it the lack of inactivity?

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