Guest Post – 3 weeks Post Op

Finally I think I have turned the corner in my recovery! Itis about time! At 2 weeks I was feeling rather low. The literature from thesurgeon said I could walk and do light stretching at 2 weeks. I was envisioninghour long strolls to clear my head. Nope, couldn’t stand up straight or walkmore than 5 minutes.

Today I went for a 40 minute walk! It was a far cry from theexhilaration of a hard hour long run, but boy did I feel better. I am stillstooped over but finally getting straighter so the back pain is less.

My husband picked up a different binder from the surgeon’soffice today. Much more comfortable! It is 9” instead of 12”, more flexible andsofter. The original binder caused too much interference with my underwear andpant waist and wraps around me over one and a half times.

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