Guest Post – 4 weeks Post Op

Antibiotics! Infection! Definitely not what I wanted to hearat this point in my recovery, but I knew it was coming. About a week ago a verysmall spot on my incision starting leaving spots of blood on my undershirt.Then the blood started coming through the undershirt to my binder. I emailedthe nurse a few times and she said that this happens when sutures have troubledissolving. She suggested washing the area twice a day and continuing with thePolysporin. I did, but the red area grew. Now it is about 2 inches long andpuffy. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic, continued washing, Polysporin,gauze covering and a check-in with him in 2 weeks.

Otherwise, everything is healing as it should and he said Ican ‘resume doing what I usually do’. If I just ate, sat, walked a bit andslept this would be true. Running? Cycling? Lifting weights? Carrying children?I don’t think so.

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