Guest Post – Day 8 Post Op

Robaxacet! Brilliant!! The commercials with the puppets withback pain…. Acetaminophen combined with methocarbomal (a muscle relaxant). Itook a pill this afternoon and felt almost immediate relief to the lower backpain that has been plaguing me since surgery. I looked up methocarbomal and itlooks like its’ abuse potential is similar to, but weaker then, lorazepam. Ithink it is the answer for now.

Heather Tennant, the physiotherapist I mentioned who had thesurgery 4 months ago, suggested Robaxacet when I said I was wary of thenarcotics. Check out her blog at some sound advice and a link to a great article on “diastasis rectus”.

I felt better again today. I relaxed this morning while myfather-in-law’s partner played with the kids for a few hours outside. Theafternoon was busy with eye doctor appointments for the kids, a trip to thelibrary, the drug store (for the aforementioned miracle pill) and a visit to 2parks. The kids ran around in the glorious sunshine and I sat mostlycomfortably on a park bench. Tired tonight!

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